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Vacuum dryer
KCT 900 - 3000
KET 900 - 3000
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KET energy-efficient dryer with heat pump
and buffer20 m³ - 60 m³ stacking space

TheKEThasan energy-savingheating system.The heat pumpis the
heartoftheplant,it heatsand cools.The cooling system condenses
themoistureescapingfrom the woodand uses the heat this produced
makes use of the stored heat to heat up the vacuum dryer.
  Increases energy efficiency by 25 %
  Surplus energy from drying is used for heating
  The heat pump is used in the heating up phase
for heating and demoisturizing
  No water connection required
  No heating connection required
Areas of application:
Sawmills, lumber and hardwood trade, wood industry