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Vacuum dryer
KCT 900 - 3000
KET 900 - 3000
KVT 550 - 850
KIT 150 - 450
Heat treatment
Fresh air / exhaust air dryer
Dryer control
Digital wood moisture
measuring equipment
Used machine market
KCT circular vacuum dryer
20 m³ - 60 m³ of stacking space

The KCT is characterizedby the advantageous arrangement of its
valves.It can easily be connected to existing heating systems and
requires but very little heating power.
  Energy: hot water or electric heating
  Putting fan on side enhances its performance
  Measuring point cables on carriage
  Active cooling in the equalization phase
  Detection of condensed water
  Heat and cold registers made of stainless steel
Areas of application:
Sawmills, lumber and hardwood trade, wood industry